Ernestina Menasalvas

Ernestina Menasalvas is a professor in databases and data mining at UPM and the coordinator of DaME, the Data Mining engineering group. Her research activities are on various aspects of data mining project development and in particular, those related to integration and preparation of data.  She has participated in different research and development projects related to data integration and mining on different domains with special emphasis on web, medical and marketing data. She is currently leading a Work Package in a FP7 project called Resilience 2050 where their task is the mining of aviation related data. She also participated in the KD-net (NoE FP5) and the KD-ubiq CA (FP6) where she co-chaired a working group. She has published three international books on web mining (edited by Springer in 2003, 2004 and 2009 respectively), and she has published in many international journals including Data and Knowledge Engineering Journal, International Journal on Information Systems and International Journal of Intelligent Systems.